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We are proud to announce that one of our community members and a Sai devotee, Shri Abhinay Kumar Shrivastava  (Abhi) has published an E-book – “Be Humble Be Happy”.

In Abhi's own words..

"This book reveals simple secrets that we could utilize every moment, everyday to make our lives happy and this world better. There are the basic rules of "Perfect Harmony" that always existed for thousands of years. If we just follow them then that ultimate bliss is not far away. Forces of Nature are out there waiting to hear that inner voice of our souls that we DO want to achieve the Everlasting Happiness.

A simple tip to read this book is that you have to believe in your mind and heart that you are the author of it. So, before you start reading it Meditate on this Mantra by saying “I believe in the power of nature and feel humbled every single moment because I experience it myself. Compassion, Kindness, Sharing, Selflessness, Humility, Humbleness, Gratitude, Love, Modesty, My Good Karma, Friendship and Family will lead me to heavenly peace and true happiness. I can progress immensely in this materialistic world if I first progress in the world of what is just and right”.

On each page focus on the picture and feel that you are a part of it; it is actually happening around you and these are your own thoughts that this author tried to share on behalf of you.

Wake up every day and sleep every night with a simple but most powerful thought, “May I get enough strength and wisdom so that I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings even unknowingly. Forces of universe will help me as I know that I can be at peace with everyone and everything. May everyone gets enough what they wish for”. Train the conscious mind which in return would start training the subconscious mind who would talk to the omnipresent floating vibes and forces of universe to make things happen that our hearts and minds are yearning for."

Click Here to purchase this book.

This book is available worldwide and can be read on iPad, iPod, iTouch and Nook devices.

***All proceedings will go towards construction of Shri Shirdi Saibaba Temple***

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