Sai Vratam
Item  Quantity
Turmeric powder Small pkt
Kumkum small pkt
Betel leaves 40
Betel nuts 25
Sandalwood powder Small tin
Camphor 1 small pkt
Incense 1 pkt
Dry dates
1 pkt
Coconuts 8
Fruits any variety 6 bananas and other fruits
Flowers Small qtys
Panchamrutam (milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, sugar)  
Deepam, oil, wicks & match box  
Prasadam - Paal Koa (Dudh Peda)  
Raw Rice 2lbs
Coins any denomination 25
Kalasam 1
Vastram for kalasam 1 towel and blouse piece
Sai Baba picture  
Small idol of Sai Baba  
Nava Dhaanyam Small pkts. (9), one for each Dhaanyam

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